About the Aramaic Language

Aramaic is a language used in just a few sections of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. It’s found in parts of Ezra 4-7 as well as parts of Daniel 2-7. Aramaic became very important during the time of the Persian empire (6 th -4 th centuries B.C.) and that’s probably why sections of Ezra and Daniel are in Aramaic. At the time of the New Testament, it was still an important spoken language.

To an English reader, Aramaic looks a lot like Hebrew. In fact, they share many of the same words and use the same alphabet, but they’re not the same, for sure. Aramaic is still spoken in some small areas in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

Fun Facts about Aramaic

  • There are only about 200 verses of the Hebrew Bible in Aramaic. The rest are in Hebrew.
  • Jeremiah 10:11 is in Aramaic. The rest of Jeremiah is in Hebrew, except for this random verse. Weird.
  • Aramaic was probably the native language of Jesus. The gospels offer a glimpse of this now and then. Check out Mark 15:34.

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